Astronomical Online Slot Review

For a classic online slot game that offers an intergalactic theme, there really is no better option than Astronomical Online Slot.

Astronomical Online Slot

With twinkling stars and pitch-black skies acting in the background, the space theme of Astronomical Online Slot also extends into the reel symbols themselves – with images of planets spinning into action when the player begins the game.

MoonGamesCasino BannerAstronomical Online Slot may have an out of this world theme, but getting to grips with the game itself is extremely easy. Simply put, Astronomical Online Slot is a classic three-reel 3D video slot game that allows players to win healthy amounts of money or just play for fun.

The explosive ASTRONOMICAL! Image represents the game’s very own Wild Symbol, which has the potential to flip the game entirely when it comes into play. If the player manages to hit the ASTRONOMICAL image and gets a win, they are awarded the winning amount PLUS a 1x multiplier on top for good measure. This Wild Symbol will also act as a 2x and 4x multiplier for other winning combinations.

Astronomical Online Slot is extremely easy to pick up, and many avid online casino gamers will find something to enjoy with the refreshing space theme and simple but effective interface that holds the game together.